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by riczan
29 Mar 2017, 10:37
Forum: General questions
Topic: 100 revolute joints
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100 revolute joints

Hi there, I've a chain of 100 revolute joints linked through cylinder shapes (like a rope) which is hang in the air and hit by another object. Now, my problem is that any adjustment in the position range, max torque and PID gains doesn't modify the simulation and the interaction with the object. For...
by riczan
21 Mar 2017, 11:11
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Spherical Joint as 3 Revolute Joints
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Spherical Joint as 3 Revolute Joints

Hi, I need to create a spherical joint as a cascade of 3 revolute joints, but if I do it as explained here , it doesn't work, there is no way to connect 2 shapes. I tried all the control modes on the 3 the joints and almost any other ...