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by Ringstaartmaki
10 May 2018, 13:54
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Real-Time simulation is shaking
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Real-Time simulation is shaking

Hello everyone, I'm working on a robotic arm in V-rep. I'm actuating it through an external C++ program linked through ROS. When I run the simulation in non real-time mode the time runs faster than real-time, indicating that V-REP is able to calculate faster. If I toggle to the real-time modus the s...
by Ringstaartmaki
20 Apr 2018, 13:09
Forum: General questions
Topic: Use UI to initialize simulation
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Use UI to initialize simulation

Hello everyone I'm working on a robot and the lua file connected to the robot calls 3 different executables (realtosim, simtoreal and debug). I want to choose only one of these executables to run each time I start the simulation. Therefore I made a gui with 3 options. I also made a waiting loop insi...