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by darkPaladin
20 Mar 2019, 13:17
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Convex decomposition C++
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Convex decomposition C++

Hi all, I'm using convex decomposition in V-rep and it works fine using GUI and Lua but for some reason it's not working when using C++. I get this message "Computing the convex decomposition (HACD)..."" and I have waited for hours and nothing happens. I'm using V-rep in Linux. I was wondering if I ...
by darkPaladin
13 Sep 2018, 14:18
Forum: General questions
Topic: Importing a .stl file from script
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Importing a .stl file from script

Hi there, I've been trying to import an .stl file to V-rep by using scripts in Lua with no success. The function that I'm using is the following one: sim.importShape(4,'DCT.stl',0,0.000001,1) After I run my simulation the imported shape from the .stl file appears in the 'Scene hierarchy' as 'Shape' ...