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by vick217
28 Jul 2013, 15:54
Forum: General questions
Topic: Tutorial and complete training?
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Tutorial and complete training?

Do you offer a complete training on V-REP? I think the tutorials are not enough take advantage of all the potential of V-REP, and the help is too general, one has to modify each parameter until if find the solution is looking for, instead of a procedure to set commands and/or simulations Kind regards
by vick217
26 Jun 2013, 18:30
Forum: General questions
Topic: Questions about V-REP simulation, world&controller edition
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Questions about V-REP simulation, world&controller edition

1) Is possible to edit the worlds through a program code and not to manually rearrange the objects and add children? 2) Is possible to rewrite the robot (and its parts or children) program through a main program (I am trying to simulate a central system that sends the path generate by itself to each...