Robotnik Summit XL simulation w/ ROS and Microsoft joystick

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Robotnik Summit XL simulation w/ ROS and Microsoft joystick

Post by nelsoncamposVREP » 28 May 2015, 17:30


I searched "everywhere" for a solution before I initiate this new topic but I havent found a solution.

I'm working with ROS Hydro (catkin_ws on ubuntu 12.04) and I'm trying to test "summit_xl_sim_hydro" package.
I compiled all sources sucessfully and joystick is also working correctly. Data aquired from joystick is being sucessfully published but there is no response from V-REP simulator software. It means, at least, it should publish the topic "/summit_xl/joint_states" but it doesn't happen. So, I can't control the vehicle with a joystick (robotnik robot doesn't move and there are no joint_states output information from VREP).

Is there anybody which had the same problem and knows the solution?

I discovered later this error on VREP.

Code: Select all

Simulation started.
Lua runtime error: [string "SCRIPT Robotnik_Summit_XL"]:23: attempt to call global 'simExtROS_enableSubscriber' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[string "SCRIPT Robotnik_Summit_XL"]:23: in main chunk
Anyone knows the solution?

Best Regards and thank you,

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Re: Robotnik Summit XL simulation w/ ROS and Microsoft joyst

Post by coppelia » 29 May 2015, 11:16

Hello Nelson,

your error message probably means that the ROS plugin for V-REP was not correctly loaded. Please check the console window to see if this is the case.
Also, you need to have ROS core currning before launching V-REP.

Finally, it often helps if you recompile the plugin.


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