V-REP+ORB-SLAM and ROS navigation stack.

Post links to your Youtube videos related to V-REP
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V-REP+ORB-SLAM and ROS navigation stack.

Post by enddl22 » 28 Apr 2016, 04:51

Hi, forks,
Those who want to simulate their RC car in V-REP, there is well-designed (I think) scene.

The link above is not my work and I just got the baseline code for the further mission.

The following videos just demonstrate some capabilities of V-REP that can be used for useful tasks.
Nothing new and you can also find very similar things from the Internet, but it will be used for some useful and interesting tasks such as autonomous driving? :) using a deep neural network like Comma AI?

Anyway, enjoy videos and please let me know if you want to dive into these and I am more than happy to share these.


gmapping and ROS navigation stacks (AMCL, and move base, still nothing new).


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Re: V-REP+ORB-SLAM and ROS navigation stack.

Post by gzhcsteel » 05 Jul 2018, 15:58

Looks like the github link is not work now.
Thank you!

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