v_repClientApplication 3.03 + Qt5 + OSX

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v_repClientApplication 3.03 + Qt5 + OSX

Post by jalone » 08 Nov 2013, 17:57

Hello, i am trying to compile a client application (programming/v_repClientApplication) under OSX and vrep 3.03 with qt 5.01 (for various reason it would be great to have it working with this version).
I think the examples are not made to be compiled with qt5, but should not be that hard to convert them, i can help a bit writing what i found but got something i cant deal with:

- found and fixed various Q_WS_WIN, Q_WS_MAC, etc, to be converted to Q_OS_XXX in main.cpp

- next i got this error in v_repLib.cpp:502

Code: Select all

cannot initialize return object of type 'void *' with an rvalue of type 'QFunctionPointer' (aka 'void (*)()')
return lib->resolve(funcName)
and can't really say what's wrong.


Re: v_repClientApplication 3.03 + Qt5 + OSX

Post by jalone » 08 Nov 2013, 22:24

Resolved, a cast to (FARPROC) was only needed...

Still now it compile but can't find vrep library at runtime.

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Re: v_repClientApplication 3.03 + Qt5 + OSX

Post by coppelia » 09 Nov 2013, 00:19


if you have compiled the client application with Qt5 and are using the V-REP library from a different Qt version, you will not be able to load the library. You have to be careful to use the same Qt version (and possibly also the same compiler version) for all parts in V-REP.

Have a look at the dependencies of the V-REP library to find out why it is not loading (the V-REP library itself is relying on other libraries (e.g. Lua), and if one of them cannot be loaded, the V-REP library also won't be able to load).


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