More detailed tutorials on Motion Planning

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More detailed tutorials on Motion Planning

Post by ljklonepiece » 13 Dec 2013, 09:16

Dear Developers,

I am requesting that more detailed motion planning tutorial be provided, which I consider an essential part of robot simulation.
Since i observed that most of your demo scene containing robot with predefined path, it would be better to apply motion planning to solve those problems with integrated perception.

Also, I am requesting tutorials on the coordinate transformation between different objects in a scene. For example, I have a sensor in the scene, which provide info about the location of the object, on which the robot may manipulate. In real application, the location of the object we got is relative to the sensor, how the location can be transformed relative to the robot itself can be added in the next release.

Correct me if those have been included!
Thanks a lot for your attention!

Yours sincerely,

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