Color Integration For simImportMesh in Regular-API

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Color Integration For simImportMesh in Regular-API

Postby smeissne » 23 Oct 2016, 11:14


currently I'm working on a Plugin which allows you to import an OpenStreetMap map to generate a 3D V-Rep Scene. My 3D street objects, like houses and trees, are saved in an *.obj file and imported by the simImportMesh() function of the Regular API. If I do the import manually then colors are correctly defined. Using the Regular API all colors are set randomly and have to be changed manually like:

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Is there a way to import the the color information from the *.obj.mtl file like the frontend function does? I think results would look quiet better.


Thank you and kind regards,

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Re: Color Integration For simImportMesh in Regular-API

Postby coppelia » 24 Oct 2016, 08:38

Hello Sören,

this looks interesting!

Have you tried with simImportShape? This will however directly create the shape objects.

Let me know,


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