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Script Parameter Reordering

Post by Wilsonator » 31 Oct 2016, 22:09

I have a model with a large number of script parameters, and currently they are ordered randomly in the order they were added in during simulation development.

I was hoping you could add a feature to allow reordering of the script parameters (click and drag, or up/down arrows to move each entry higher or lower on list).

Additionally I find the window a bit short, I would like to have to option to resize it so there is a longer list and I do not have to use the scroll bar. This is less of a priority to me than the ability to reorder entries.

I believe this could also apply to other areas of V-REP, possibly people have many entries for data stream recording list for graphs for example. This ability to resize the reorder elements, or resize the window would ideally be applied there as well.


Further Suggestion. This is regarding the private parameters. Sometimes when you start a simulation you forget what values you set for private parameters, only way to find out would be to stop the simulation and then check (since they disappear form the list when simulation starts). My suggestion is to have the private parameters grey out when simulation starts, but still be visible for the user to check that the simulation was properly configured on the fly! Another comment is that this may make the non-private parameters be less visible (especially if you have to scroll through a list). To rectify this maybe the non-private parameters are moved to the top of the list during simulation run?

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Re: Script Parameter Reordering

Post by coppelia » 01 Nov 2016, 16:47


thanks for the ideas. We have added the possibility to reorder the parameters with up/down buttons. The dialog was also made slightly larger.
The script simulation parameter dialog is however a remnant from the past, nowadays, it is nicer to be able to interact with the user via a customization script that handles a dialog. I already mentioned this in your other post, but here again for the other readers:

Using a customization script and the new custom UIs that are Qt-based, you can create various types of dialogs that can be used to input/read user data. Have a look at the demo model located at Models/infrastructure/floors/infiniteFloor.ttm: the attached customization script is in charge of displaying some model data in a dialog, when the model is selected.

Script parameters can then be conveniently stored/restored via following 2 code snippets:


Code: Select all

local myModelData={}

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local data=simReadCustomDataBlock(modelHandle,"myModelData")
if data then
    local myModelData=simUnpackTable(data)

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