V-REP Tanıtım Sunumu (V-REP Introductory Presentation)

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V-REP Tanıtım Sunumu (V-REP Introductory Presentation)

Post by SerkanCicek » 23 May 2013, 16:49


As you know, V-REP has many documentation in English, and maybe many other documents/information can be found on the internet in some common languages.

I live in Turkey, and know people's need of documentation in Turkish. It is not a need only for Turkish people, but also a need for republics speaking Turkish.

So, as the partner of Coppelia Robotics in Turkey, I have prepared (or translated) an introductory presentation about V-REP in Turkish. I hope that it will be of service to people who speaks Turkish.

V-REP Tanıtım Sunumu (V-REP Introductory Presentation): http://files.turamuhendislik.com/docs/p ... Sunumu.pdf

P.S. I know, the section is not appropriate for this topic, however there is actually not an appropriate one exist.

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Re: V-REP Tanıtım Sunumu (V-REP Introdutory Presentation)

Post by coppelia » 23 May 2013, 18:13

Hello Serkan,

Thanks a lot, that is great!
I'll contact you later via email.


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