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Get joint external torque

Posted: 26 Oct 2015, 17:53
by benjamin
Hello everyone,

for an application, I need to get the external torque (the torque resulting from external forces) as with the real Kuka LWR4. How is this achievable? I tried to add force sensors in the chain but apparently they can't be used just before of after a joint.



Re: Get joint external torque

Posted: 26 Oct 2015, 21:33
by coppelia
Hello Benjamin,

if you want to measure the total torque acting on a joint (around or along the movement of the joint), then you should use simGetJointForce. If you need to find out about a force that is not around/along the movement of a joint, then you need to use a force/torque sensor. In that case, you need to add an auxiliary mass (i.e. a dynamic shape) between your joint and the force sensor to keep a valid dynamic construction.