Questions about V-REP simulation, world&controller edition

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Re: Questions about V-REP simulation, world&controller editi

Post by vick217 » 13 Aug 2013, 13:25

Thank you very much for your last answer.

Are you thinking to implement GPS sensors in future versions? it is possible to add noise and uncertainty to the proximity sensors?

What would you recommend (in terms of sensors and other features from v-REP) if I would like to move a robot from a start position to the goal position, but using sensors for self localization and path following with obstacle avoidance? I would like to make realistic simulations and not to use "get position" and "set position" commands, but that robots reach the position by using sensors and identify their current position.

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Re: Questions about V-REP simulation, world&controller editi

Post by coppelia » 13 Aug 2013, 14:54

Hello Victor,

a GPS sensor can easily be made by attaching a child script to an object, and tracking the position of that object via the simGetObjectPosition function for instance.

There is virtually an infinite number of noise models, that we cannot all directly support. But you can simply modify the exact measured data with your own code, again in the same child script. Have a look at the example GPS model attached to this post (that model will be available in the installation package from V-REP 3.0.5 on).

Have also a look at the proximity sensors and vision sensors supported by V-REP. With those sensors you can use the exact same approach as described for the GPS here above: simply attach a child script to your sensor, read exact data, then add noise as you wish.


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