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Post by adityaraj52 » 09 Jul 2013, 14:02

I creted two dummy objects and a path object and then set the parameters in the pathplanning dialog box . If I compute the path between the two objects there is always a straight line between the two. Even if I place a cuboid or an obstacle with the property of colloidable, measurable and detectable, the pathplanning feature ignores it. It is not considered as an obstacle.The object property ignored during path planning is unchecked. Please suggest me a way how to get the object detected as an obstacle so that during path is modified accordingly.

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Re: PathPlanningDialog

Post by coppelia » 09 Jul 2013, 14:36


Difficult to say what is going wrong. Easiest would be to post the scene, so we could have a quick look at it.
But, in your case since a path is found, but collision is not detected make sure that:
  • the dummy associated with the path planning task should have some collidable objects built on top of it (the algorithm will basically move that dummy around, and check if the entity Robot (as in this dialog) collides. If the entity Robot is not built on top of that dummy, it won't work.
  • the Robot item in this dialog should be correctly defined (see point here above)
  • the Obstacle item in this dialog should be correctly defined.

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