Grapping and manipulating objects against gravity!

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Grapping and manipulating objects against gravity!

Post by experimentVR » 28 Sep 2016, 10:18


It’s been quite a time that I am working with V-rep. I can say that my knowledge level is intermediate.
I have constructed a vacuum cleaner model in V-rep and it has only two wheels that I have set in IK mode.
I can now change the angle of the handle by changing a reference dummy orientation using mouse.

This is just on step of functionality that I want to achieve. As we also see the movements of vacuum cleaner in real life are done by the human. This is exactly what I am trying to achieve. However, I am unable to manipulate the objects once the simulation is started (e.g. lifting the full cleaner up or dragging it- interaction with a human in real time). In order to explain more clearly, I will say that I want something similar as in normal Bullet Physics in visual studio i.e. moving/grabbing the objects and manipulating them.

What I am looking for is an advice from your side, where can I start and what is the possible way of achieving the functionality.
Any help from your side will be largely appreciated.


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