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Omnirob movement control

Posted: 18 Jul 2013, 10:04
by enoughtoo

I am creating a scene with KUKA omnirob. In order to move the robot to several specific positions in turn, i am writing a LUA script to drive the robot. I use "youBotAndHanoiTower" scene as reference, and similar to the control of youBot, I have create omnirob child script with function 'waitToReachVehicleTargetPositionAndOrientation', and in another child script associated with 'Omnirob_body', there is a velocity updating script which I copied from child script associated with vehicleControl in "youBotAndHanoiTower" scene. Of course I have changed the vehicleReference and vehicleTarget to OmniRob. However I noticed that the four mecanum wheels of youBot and Omnirob are simulated differently, therefore I have tried both setup. I also read the explanation of how the omniwheels on the KUKA YouBot are simulated in V-REP (viewtopic.php?f=9&t=390). Could you please explain how the omniwheels on the KUKA Omnirib are simulated? And also how the velocities control of four wheels drive the robot (e.g. left/right turn, move forward/backward etc)?

I suppose the code of youBot control updates four velocities of each wheel irelatively according the distance/angle between robot and target positions. However, reuse of this code for omnirob control is not that easy.


Re: Omnirob movement control

Posted: 18 Jul 2013, 11:34
by coppelia

You are right, the YouBot and the OmniRob can be controlled according to the same method, however there is a slight difference between both, linked to the way wheel joints are defined (for a same joint velocity, some of the OmniRob wheel's will rather move in opposite direction than the YouBot).
If you contact us here we can send you this V-REP scene to get inspiration from.