Use of undeclared identifier regarding remote API constants

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Use of undeclared identifier regarding remote API constants

Post by RoflHamster » 10 Nov 2016, 12:09

Hi folks,

I'm trying to use the remote C ++ API offered by V-REP. But when I try to compile the example bubbleRobClient.cpp I get the error message "error: use of undeclared identifier 'simx_opmode_streaming' ". It makes sense thoug, because I couldn't find a .h or .c file where all the constants (this site: ... stants.htm ) are defined? Am I missing a file, that has to be included?

Edit: Solved it: Compiling was successful with following src files in my project:


All above in folder programming/remoteApi. Following in folder programming/include.


After that i needed to add #define MAX EXT_API CONNECTIONS 255 to the files extApi.c, extApiInternal.h and extApiPlatform.c. Last step was adding NON_MATLAB_PARSING to the file extApi.h.

Hope this helps somebody in the future!

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