moving epuck towards nearest blob

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moving epuck towards nearest blob

Postby mmhwmoh » 13 Apr 2017, 15:49

Hi there

I was wondering is there anyway for the epuck to move towards the closes blob ,which are round discs, that it detects? Since blobCount values can count the amount of blobs detected within the image of the epuck camera, how can i choose the blob closest to the epuck?

Thanks in advance

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Re: moving epuck towards nearest blob

Postby coppelia » 18 Apr 2017, 08:00


you will have to transform the blob positions from x/y position to 3D position, by taking into account the vision sensor's angle of view, and the vision camera's transformation (position and orientation). This is the general way of doing. Now, if the camera has a specific orientation (e.g. always looking horizontally), then you probably have some shortcuts.


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