storing blobCol value and use the value for comparison

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storing blobCol value and use the value for comparison

Post by mmhwmoh » 14 Apr 2017, 17:36

Hi there

I have looked at this link viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2497&p=9837&hilit=s ... mage#p9837 about wanting to obtained the pixels of the full image and i have also looked at the blobdetectionwithPickandPlace scene in the VREP example. However I am wanting to obtain the value of the blobCol i have tried printing it to the console using simAddStatusbarMessage(tostring(blobCol)) and the console prints out these messages

table: 08317558
table: 0BD39608
table: 0BDAD428
table: 0FCBE9A0
table: 15075090
table: 0FCC4828
table: 14F97700
table: 0FCBDCA8
table: 150A2558
table: 152CFEF0
table: 12AFEC38
table: 1509A768

I am not sure whether these values are in hexadecimal format or my way of displaying the image pixels is wrong. I want to obtain the blobCol value and use it for decision making e.g if the blobCol of the blob is red then the epuck would rotate left.

Thanks in advance

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Re: storing blobCol value and use the value for comparison

Post by coppelia » 18 Apr 2017, 08:24


if you look at the API function simGetVisionSensorImage, you will notice that the return value is a table that contains the RGB pixel values for the desired image portion. So if you refer to the blobDetectionWithPickAndPlace.ttt demo scene, then the function is used as:

Code: Select all

Meaning that a single pixel will be contained in the returned table. So you will have:

blobCol[1] contains the red value for the pixel
blobCol[2] contains the green value for the pixel
blobCol[3] contains the blue value for the pixel


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