Reference frame of simGetObjectVelocity

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Reference frame of simGetObjectVelocity

Post by marcofe » 13 Jul 2017, 14:47

According to the documentation ( ... locity.htm), simGetObjectVelocity "retrieves the linear and/or angular velocity of an object, in absolute coordinates". Does this mean that the returned velocity is expressed with respect to the world frame? As a consequence, if I want the same 6d velocity vector expressed with respect to another frame (e.g. the frame of the object itself), I should rotate it by the rotation matrix denoting the orientation of the object with respect to the world frame, that I can get from simGetObjectMatrix. Can you confirm me that please?

In addition, could you clarify the difference between the APIs simGetObjectVelocity and simGetVelocity?


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Re: Reference frame of simGetObjectVelocity

Post by coppelia » 16 Jul 2017, 19:44


have a look at this topic, which goes into the same direction as your question.
simGetVelocity will return the velocity computed by the physics engine (works only with dynamically simulated shapes)
simGetObjectVelocity returns a velocity computed by V-REP (works with all scene objects)


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