Manta object changes position, wheels don't (remote api Matlab)

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Manta object changes position, wheels don't (remote api Matlab)

Post by R2D2 » 14 Jul 2017, 19:34

Hello! I try to carry out a simulation with 3 Manta vehicles with data from Matlab. Specifically, for each time instant I specify the position of the vehicles with the command vrep.simxSetObjectPosition, and run the simulation for one time step. Then I pause the simulation and do the same. As it seems the vehicles' bodies do change position as requested, but their wheels don't! They stick to their initial position! Note that when I get the object handle, I do get the whole object ('Manta', 'Manta#0', 'Manta#1'). The script is given below. I need some help, please! Cheers!

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    disp('Program started');
    close all
    clear all
    vrep=remApi('remoteApi'); % using the prototype file (remoteApiProto.m)
    vrep.simxFinish(-1); % just in case, close all opened connections
    vrep.simxPauseSimulation(clientID, vrep.simx_opmode_oneshot);
    if (clientID>-1)   
        disp('Connected to remote API server');
        [returnCode,agent(1)]=vrep.simxGetObjectHandle(clientID,'Manta', vrep.simx_opmode_oneshot_wait);
        [returnCode,agent(2)]=vrep.simxGetObjectHandle(clientID,'Manta#0', vrep.simx_opmode_blocking);
        [returnCode,agent(3)]=vrep.simxGetObjectHandle(clientID,'Manta#1', vrep.simx_opmode_blocking);
        for i=1:tspan(1,2)/0.05
            vrep.simxPauseSimulation(clientID, vrep.simx_opmode_oneshot);
            [minimum, j]= min(abs(t-instant)); 
            vrep.simxSetObjectPosition(clientID, agent(1), -1, [q(j, 1), q(j, 2), 0.1922]', vrep.simx_opmode_oneshot);
            vrep.simxSetObjectPosition(clientID, agent(2), -1, [q(j, 8), q(j, 9), 0.1922]', vrep.simx_opmode_oneshot);
            vrep.simxSetObjectPosition(clientID, agent(3), -1, [q(j, 15), q(j, 16), 0.1922]', vrep.simx_opmode_oneshot);

    disp('Program Ended');

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Re: Manta object changes position, wheels don't (remote api Matlab)

Post by coppelia » 16 Jul 2017, 20:16


those vehicle models are dynamically enabled. In that case, you should not try to artificially move the vehicle, but rather modify the torque/speed in the wheel joints in order to have the vehicle move. Make sure to read this topic too.


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