Augmented reality

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Augmented reality

Post by atoz » 07 Aug 2017, 17:18


Are there any plans to add augemented reality functionality (e.g. ARToolkit) to V-rep? It would be nice to be able to have pop-up displays and overlays for displaying robot trajectories in the scene.

I'm currently looking to utilise a transparent GUI window for notifications during simulation. I'm currently using the Qt-based GUI for this. Is it possible to make this transparent?

Also, is there a reference for the Qt stylesheets properties available in the Custom UI? It's not used in the CustomUI example but there is some usage in the blueteaser demo in the simulationTimeDisplay_child.lua file. However, I couldn't find the properties used here in the official documentation. I'm trying to create a frameless window (without the min,max,close buttons) using the Qt::FramelessWindowHint property.

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Re: Augmented reality

Post by coppelia » 08 Aug 2017, 15:34


currently you cannot create transparent custom UIs, at least I do not think this is feasable via Qt property sheets. Here a simple example how to use property sheets with the custom UIs:

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<label text="Please wait a few seconds..."  style="* {qproperty-alignment: AlignCenter; min-width: 300px; min-height: 100px;}"/>
The type of window you can generate with the custom UIs are hard-coded and you cannot remove the frame unfortunately, unless you modify/recompile the custom UI plugin.

If you want to display something as an overlay, the best option you currently have is to display it via drawing objects (i.e. simAddDrawingObject). You will however have to correctly compute the 3D position of the object (e.g. a line), based on the position and property of the camera you are looking through (e.g. its reference frame, its view angle, and its resolution proportions).


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