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Universal Robot 10 with RosInterface

Posted: 12 Sep 2017, 11:40

I'm trying to use the universal_robot package for ROS to run the UR10 model in Vrep.
The package is found here: .

I'm using Ros Kinetics and the last version of Vrep with the newest RosInterface, as described in this discussion: viewtopic.php?t=6868 .

So, i roslaunch the package as describe in the readme file in the gitHub page of the ur package, running the simulation in Gazebo, planning with Rviz. What i would like to do is to "substitute" the node Gazebo with the node Vrep, in order to fully use the ur ros package.

These are the nodes and topics during the simulation with Gazebo: ... h.png?dl=0
And this is, for example, the message used in the arm_controller/...goal topic and his rostopic echo command after planning and execution in Rviz: ... e.odt?dl=0 ... o.odt?dl=0

Do you think it's possible to use these velocity commands in order to run the robot in Vrep?
Will I be able to generate the feedback messages with Vrep?
I already recompiled the Ros Interface in order to support these messages, but how do i manage such complex syntax in Lua?

Thank you,

Re: Universal Robot 10 with RosInterface

Posted: 12 Sep 2017, 15:22
by coppelia

you should be able to do this. It is just a matter of implementing the correct messages (and handling them) from within a child script.

Did you try your hands on a simple example first, like scenes/rosInterfaceTopicPublisherAndSubscriber.ttt?