Geometric Constraint Solver problem

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Geometric Constraint Solver problem

Post by 21207_iHome » 20 Sep 2017, 14:09

I am trying to test the function of "GCS, overlap constraint". According to the documentation, the two dummies will try to overlap their respective position/orientation to create kinematic loop closure constraints for the geometric constraint solver module. Then, I created a simple scene which contained two rotate links. The dummy pair is attached to the links. It is supposed that the two separated links would attach together when the simulation started. But it didn't move. Can you give me some suggestions? Thank you!

model file:

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Re: Geometric Constraint Solver problem

Post by coppelia » 22 Sep 2017, 08:38


I highly recommend you to use the IK functionality, since it is much more transparent and powerful.
But in your scene you have the problem that the overlap constraint will try to overlap the dummies position AND orientation, which is not possible in your 2 DoF example.


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