ROSInterface crashes, Too many open files

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ROSInterface crashes, Too many open files

Post by rafael.rojas » 06 Mar 2018, 10:18

Hello all,
I'm running V-REP Version 3.5.0 rev 1 PRO EDO in my 64 bit ubuntu machine. I'm currently using the ROS interface to control two UR3. After runing the simulation few times (3 or 4) the ROS interface does not work any more and I get this message

[ERROR] [1520327116.509295159]: accept() on socket [33] failed with error [Too many open files]

In fact, I go to the /proc/pid/fd relative to V-REP and I can see a bunch of file descriptor references as broken symbolic links.

I think that I'm not shooting down the publisher or the subscriber in a correct manner.
I have two child script, one is a threaded script and the other is a non-threaded script. In both I'm using the
same mechanism.

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function sysCall_cleanup()

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Re: ROSInterface crashes, Too many open files

Post by coppelia » 07 Mar 2018, 11:24


a simulation script (e.g. a child script) should automatically shut down all publishers/subscribers created that it created.
Did you try if something like this helps?


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