Quadcopters carring a rope

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Quadcopters carring a rope

Post by kNo » 08 Mar 2018, 19:59


I need to simulate two (or more) quadrocopters carrying a rope. I have extended a string that I found in the forum and I have tried to connect the beginning of the string to one quadrocopter and another quadrocopter in the middle. The result is that the rope breaks where I try to join the second quadrocopter.
I attach the scene with which I am working.

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Re: Quadcopters carring a rope

Post by coppelia » 12 Mar 2018, 07:23


first, to increase simulation speed, disable the wind particles in the script simulation parameters for both of the two quadcopters.

Next, you will have to look into creating a loop closure, something like:

quadCopter1 --> rope --> ropeLastShape --> dummy1
quadCopter2 --> jointOrForceSensor --> dummy2

and have both dummies correctly linked.


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