Question for custom user interface

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Question for custom user interface

Post by sfeger » 13 Mar 2018, 11:21

In V-REP there is a model ABB IRB 140.ttm which enables direct control of links,using a friendly user interface. How could I implement something similar with a 7 Dof manipulator.ttm or with a robot made from primitive shapes?

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Re: Question for custom user interface

Post by fferri » 13 Mar 2018, 11:43

The ABB IRB 140 model uses the old OpenGL UI (now deprecated).

You should use the new CustomUI plugin.

To achieve a similar effect, you can use the <image> widget, and the <hslider> widget, placing widgets with absolute coordinates.

Widgets can be placed with absolute X, Y coordinates by specifying "none" as the parent layout (e.g. layout="none" as attribute of the <ui>/<group> element that contains them) and providing each widget with the attribute geometry="x,y,w,h" where x,y,w,h are four integers indicating x position, y position, width and height respectively (example for this can be found in test-nolayout.ttt).

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