Lidar Integration on Vrep

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Lidar Integration on Vrep

Post by suchetaroy03 » 23 Jun 2018, 19:53

Hello all,

I'm a beginner in working with V-rep. I'm trying to get the Lidar (ydlidar G4) to show point cloud data on Vrep. Please let me know how to step by step configure the hardware.

Thank you!

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Re: Lidar Integration on Vrep

Post by coppelia » 27 Jun 2018, 09:57


you will have to check with the manufacturer. We don't know that hardware. BEst is probably to write a V-REP plugin that communicates with your sensor and forwards the data to V-REP. Have a look at the demo model Models/components/sensors/velodyne VPL-16.ttm for instance, and the plugin that controlls it (there is however no connection to the real hardware in that case): v_repExtVision


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