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Looking for freelance V-REP developers

Posted: 08 Jul 2018, 10:18
by Justus

We're looking for freelance developers to help us create versatile, reliable and high-performing simulations. Simulations consist of conveyor systems and the basic machinery used in industrial bakeries, using V-REP and our own library/framework.

We're developing on two fronts:
- Creating V-REP scenes. You'll need experience with 2D/3D CAD systems and have a basic understanding of conveyor/material handling systems.
- Improving & adding features to our framework. You'll need experience with software architecture/design patterns and multiple programming languages (Lua, C++, Python).

An in-depth understanding of the V-REP API functions & Lua is a must. Work can be done remotely from the comfort of your home via Skype etc., on a temporary/freelance basis.

If you are interested in helping out on one of the above (or both), please contact me via !

Thank you,

Justus Rijke