Share simulation by network

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Share simulation by network

Post by psj8252 » 17 Jul 2018, 23:24

Is it possible to share simulation environment by net or lan connection?

I will try multi-robot simulation with serveral rasberry pis.

I want to simulate each robot on each rasberry pi and they can share environment.

For example, they can sense or hit each other.

But I don't know whether it is possible.

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Re: Share simulation by network

Post by coppelia » 20 Jul 2018, 07:12


yes this is possible to a certain extent: you can have a central machine that runs the simulation, and several other machines connecting to it and controlling a specific part of the simulation (e.g. one robot).
The connection to V-REP can happen in many different ways. The easiest would probably to use the ROS interface or the remote API.


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