Path-planning for serial robotic manipulator

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Path-planning for serial robotic manipulator

Post by carmelo » 17 Sep 2018, 09:54

Hello all,

I have finished creating a model of a robotic cell, comprising the IK for the axis and all flexible cable conduits for a complex robotic cell with two KUKA robots mounted on a track and an external rotary stage to support a work-piece. I have been investigating how to do path planning and simulate the tool-paths, however I cannot find a good tutorial to understand the starting points and the development of the programme scripts.

I tried to find help through this v-rep forum but I found all related topics quite confusing.
Is anyone of you available to give me some guidelines and examples about path-planning, please?
I am quite new in v-rep.. I need some initial tips to understand the path-planning approach.


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Re: Path-planning for serial robotic manipulator

Post by fferri » 21 Sep 2018, 11:08

See this section in the manual:

Path and motion planning

Also check the following scene examples in the V-REP scenes folder:
  • scenes/ik_fk_simple_examples/8-computingJointAnglesForRandomPoses.ttt
  • scenes/3DoFHolonomicPathPlanning.ttt
  • scenes/6DoFHolonomicPathPlanning.ttt
  • scenes/motionPlanningDemo1.ttt
  • scenes/motionPlanningAndGraspingDemo.ttt

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