Creating flying robots

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Creating flying robots

Post by amunishk » 25 Oct 2018, 23:12


I know that V-REP supports custom particles for Quadcopter propellers and has air jet. I was wondering if somebody created a glider or small UAV model for use in V-REP. If not, would it be possible, say attach these custom particles to a custom shape such as a plane and create the same effect as for the Quadcopter propellers?


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Re: Creating flying robots

Post by coppelia » 05 Nov 2018, 08:40


yes, this is perfectly possible. Keep in mind that particles are most of the time not needed and will simply slow-down you simulation. Particles should only be used if the environment is influenced by them, which is very rarely the case. The flying effect is simply achieved by addition additional forced/torques to your shape(s) via simAddForce and simAddForceAndTorque.


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