Questions about simulation step setting

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Questions about simulation step setting

Post by ga89bak » 29 Oct 2018, 15:37

Hi all,

I'm now making a self balancing robot in vrep. The controller part is programmed by language C. My robot works well if I slow down the simulation step to 5ms(with default value of 50ms). However when I set the default value to 5ms, my robot run in a bad behavior.
I'm confused by the simulation step setting in V-Rep. What is the relationship between vrep simulation steps and the sampling frequency of C controller? Is this means that my controller is not good enough if the robot cannot run with default simulation steps?

Thank you

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Re: Questions about simulation step setting

Post by coppelia » 05 Nov 2018, 08:44


for what you want to achieve, it is very important to run your C client synchronously with V-REP (i.e. run the remote API in synchronous mode).


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