Asti Model ; Forces sensor ; Torques

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Asti Model ; Forces sensor ; Torques

Post by vigneshkc » 23 Dec 2018, 16:25

Hi all,

As a part of my Master's Project ; structural analysis of Humanoid robot. I followed a few steps to arrive at the joint loads(Forces and Moments) acting on various links in Asti robot.

1. I scaled the robot by 1.77 times to get the height to 1.8m (similar to average human adult)
2. I entered the mass inertia properties for most of the links similar to that of human beings.
3. I changed the inertia properties of the joint spheres( multiplied by .25 times)
4. I added a force sensor at the ankle joint ( oriented it similar to the lower leg)

While adding the force sensor I copy-pasted the lowerleg and reduced the mass of the copied leg to .05Kgs (to get more accurate results) The forces are coming out good, but I'm not sure about the toque in XYZ direction which is given by the forces sensor because when I check the joint_force (i.e from the motor) separately the values don't seem to match. ... 4UjgXVGcbS

Attached the file for your reference.

Please suggest if I have committed any mistakes or is there a better approach.

Thanks and Regards,
Vignesh K.C.

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