Bit-Coded Value Help

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Bit-Coded Value Help

Post by UGV_robotics » 12 Mar 2019, 09:23

Hello I'm currently working with the Regular API function:


and I'm having trouble understanding how to implement the different modes such as getting the lines to be wrapped and having the user being able to close the console window. I'm not sure how to put this into my current code:

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Currently the I get get the console window to open and have the title be named 'Data' with max number of lines being 9, but I do not understand how to implement these bit coded values that are stated in the description:

mode: bit-coded value. Bit0 (1) set indicates that the console window will automatically close at simulation end (when called from a simulation script, the console window will always automatically close at simulation end), bit1 (2) set indicates that lines will be wrapped, bit2 (4) set indicates that the user can close the console window, bit3 (8) is not used, bit4 (16) set indicates that the console will not automatically hide when the user switches to another scene (this only applies when called from an add-on script or the sandbox script).

If someone could provide an example of how to include these bit-coded values in my code, that would be greatly appreciated. Also I have no idea what I'm writing with the 0x111 so please ignore the confusion. Also the position {1,2} does not seem to do anything as the console window always opens in the center of my screen.

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