improving robot quality

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Mohamed Magdy
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improving robot quality

Post by Mohamed Magdy » 04 Nov 2019, 01:37

hey coppelia
In pseudo inverse the movement of robot is fast and good but the parts that i attached with dummies detached as in the video ,but in DLS mode it is slow and not accurate ,what can i do to use pseudo the best use for me ?
video link: ... CEWsmtfTAL

I could not do any thing to the tree as you mentioned earlier and that is the formula that work with me well
pic of tree : ... SLjHlwyF40

I will try to send the work file in private .

finally I do not know what i can do more to improve my scene and my operation as well .
thank you for guiding me all this way and for your patience

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Re: improving robot quality

Post by coppelia » 05 Nov 2019, 12:06

I think I mentioned this in my previous messages, but your need to make sure that loop closure happens on the base, on a non-mobile part. In your video this is obviously not the case, so you won't be able to realize a correct kinematics simulation.

I highly suggest you have a look at the ABB IRB 360 robot to see how things were made there. Take for instance joint irb360_drivingJoint1, and adjust its value to 10 degrees: you will see that the whole robot is built as a tree with a single root (you should ignore the middle part responsible for rotation, since this can be computed sequentially after the platform's position was computed).


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