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Misc features request

Post by rainlabs » 16 Dec 2013, 10:47


after working for some time with V-rep, I have created a list of features which I would like to see in future releases. First part contains important stuff (from my perspective), second part consist of some less important ideas. What I would like to see in V-rep is:

1. Setting dummy link type from regular API
2. Making screenshots, both from GUI and regular API (from API it would be nice to be able to select from which view the screenshot would be taken)
3. Setting collision objects and distant objects from regular API
4. "Restart" button in GUI (so that I don't have to hit stop and then play)

Minor feature requests are:
5. Having a keyboard shortcut to switch (inverse) visibility layers
6. Mark method simJointGetForce (and simx versions too) as deprecated and introduce simGetJointForce (for compatibility)
7. Having possibility to calculate inertia for shapes even after creating them (ie after resize). Calculating inertia matrox for all shapes, even not the basic ones, would be nice as well

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