Multiple times control of Prismatic Joint

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Multiple times control of Prismatic Joint

Post by ZZhang » 04 Aug 2019, 16:43

Hello, sorry if I missing something. in the control of prismatic joint, How could I set next Joint Target Position after the previous movement is completely finishing while the interval time is unknown. I am not using API and the Motor and PID control are enabled.

in my scenario, I tried the way as here described. However is not working. is there any way to do that?


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Re: Multiple times control of Prismatic Joint

Post by coppelia » 08 Aug 2019, 13:05


you will have to use some code and API in some way, otherwise you can't achieve this.
You have several possibilities to feed the movement data to your robot, either blindly, or by checking whether the desired position was yet reached. Then you can feed the next joint positions, etc.
Or you can use the Reflexxes motion library for that. Have a look at this demo scene.


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