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by salogranada
09 Oct 2021, 20:35
Forum: General questions
Topic: Manipulate mass of robot
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Re: Manipulate mass of robot

Try with something like: local transf=simGetObjectMatrix(shapeHandle,-1) local mass=0.1 local inertia={I1*mass,0,0,0,I2*mass,0,0,0,I3*mass} simSetShapeMassAndInertia(shapeHandle,mass,inertia,centerOfMassRelativeToTheShapeFrame,transf) Cheers Hello, Im trying to adapt this code to the new functions ...
by salogranada
22 Sep 2021, 15:53
Forum: General questions
Topic: Simulate Wind Affecting Quadcopter/Quadricopter
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Simulate Wind Affecting Quadcopter/Quadricopter

Hello Im trying to simulate the Quadcopter in a Wind Environment. In other posts I've read that with particles I can achive that effect, but Im still with no results. I understand particles need to be associated with an object. So I build up some walls and with sim.addParticleObject I've been trying...