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by fgfanta
09 Dec 2019, 20:06
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Crash with bubbleRob tutorial
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Crash with bubbleRob tutorial

I have been following the tutorial, up to the point of placing the cylinders, setting a wheel target speed and starting the simulation, to see the obstacle distance plotted in the graph. As soon as I start the simulation, CoppeliaSim crashes. The issue is systematic. How can I collect additional inf...
by fgfanta
25 Nov 2016, 23:25
Forum: General questions
Topic: Learning resources for V-REP beginner (in Python)
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Learning resources for V-REP beginner (in Python)

I would like to learn to use V-REP as a tool to teach myself programming of robots, especially mobile robots, implementing localization, path planning, SLAM, etc.. I plan to use Python, for the time being. Would you like to recommend some resource to learn to program V-REP?

by fgfanta
23 Nov 2014, 12:24
Forum: General questions
Topic: "Plugin 'Ros': load failed (could not load)" at start-up
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"Plugin 'Ros': load failed (could not load)" at start-up

When I run V-Rep Pro Edu with ./, I get the error message: Plugin 'Ros': load failed (could not load). The plugin probably couldn't load dependency libraries. Try 'ldd' for more infos, or simply rebuild the plugin. Then the application starts and seems to work fine. Should I jus...