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by ktjolsen
28 Jun 2013, 10:17
Forum: General questions
Topic: Using ROS Turtlebot in VREP
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Using ROS Turtlebot in VREP

Hi, My goal is to simulate iRobot's Roomba in VREP, and to this purpose I am currently trying to use an ROS node to simulate ROS Turtlebot in VREP. Specifically, I am thinking of using the KJunior body with Turtlebot "software". When I try to run turtlebot_node, ROS tries to connect via USB to a rea...
by ktjolsen
25 Jun 2013, 05:39
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Cannot mix incompatible Qt library issue!
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Re: Cannot mix incompatible Qt library issue!

As suggested, installing Bumblebee worked for me (I think, got a message about internal error in Ubuntu, but V-REP is still running and functional). How to install Bumblebee? - From : You need to open your te...
by ktjolsen
20 Jun 2013, 06:09
Forum: General questions
Topic: Kinect and ROS
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Connecting a robot using ROS

Hi, When you connect a robot using ROS, does that mean that the robot is connected via a cable and sits still while the software in the physical robot is simulated in V-REP? For example, if I connect iRobot's Roomba via ROS, then Roomba will just sit next to the computer while the cleaning algorithm...