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by jkw0701
02 Jan 2020, 09:53
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: CoppeliaSim crashes when connecting with remoteAPI
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CoppeliaSim crashes when connecting with remoteAPI

Hello. I used to use CoppeliaSim well, but suddenly some error came up with the message : Lua runtime error: Files/CoppeliaRobotics/CoppeliaSimEdu/lua/sim.lua:263: Argument 1 is not a valid dialog handle stack traceback: /C/ in function 'assert' Files/CoppeliaRobotics/CoppeliaSimEdu/lua/...
by jkw0701
09 Jul 2019, 09:43
Forum: General questions
Topic: Vortex 2019a
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Re: Vortex 2019a

Same problem occured as me.

In windows 10 platform, I installed and uninstalled v-rep and vortex many times, but it didn't help me to use vortex.

When installing vrep, c++ redistributables were installed. I have no idea about this problem.
by jkw0701
01 Jul 2019, 02:48
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: V-REP PRO EDU V3.6.2 rev0 windows installer quit
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Re: V-REP PRO EDU V3.6.2 rev0 windows installer quit

Same problem occured as me in Windows 10 and version 3.6.2
by jkw0701
11 Jun 2019, 03:13
Forum: General questions
Topic: QMutex : destroying locked mutex
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QMutex : destroying locked mutex

Hello. When I ran V-rep 3.6v in ubuntu 16.04, vrep was crahsed with the message : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error: signal 11: /home/kendrick/vrep/[0x7f999275d488] /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/[0x7f99...
by jkw0701
02 May 2017, 10:47
Forum: General questions
Topic: How to joint-control?
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How to joint-control?

Hi , I have a question about joint-control in V-REP-Matlab. Code is below: armJoints = [-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1]; [res armJoints(i+1)] = vrep.simxGetObjectHandle(id, sprintf('redundantRob_joint%d',i+1), vrep.simx_opmode_oneshot_wait); vrchk(vrep, res); h.armJoints = armJoints; res = vrep.simxSetJointTa...
by jkw0701
11 Apr 2017, 10:09
Forum: General questions
Topic: What does the local respondable mask 8digits mean?
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What does the local respondable mask 8digits mean?

1. I converted some file to urdf, and simulated it in Vrep. But I don't know what the local respondable mask digits mean. I saw some sample robots provided in vrep, but I couldn't figure out the pattern. Most of models have global respondable mask 8 digits,but local ones doesn't. 2. I controlled the...