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by Medo BKB
23 Apr 2019, 23:15
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Topic: Hokuyo_URG_04LX_UG01_ROS with rosInterface.
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Re: Hokuyo_URG_04LX_UG01_ROS with rosInterface.

hello fferri
if you don't mind how can i set those message fields in lua script
thank you
by Medo BKB
30 Nov 2018, 15:55
Forum: General questions
Topic: remote APi c++ with VS 2012
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remote APi c++ with VS 2012

hello every one i'm trying to remote my robot in v-rep scene , so i configured Visual studio as some tuto said ; and so when i compile "bubbleRobClient" i get those errors : Error 1 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _destroy_shared_memory referenced in function _extApi_connectToServer_shared...