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by khagesh_bhardwaj
21 Jan 2019, 07:05
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Topic: Inverse Kinematics of a cable robot
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Inverse Kinematics of a cable robot

Hello, I am trying to simulate a cable driven parallel robot, where I have modelled cable as universal-prismatic-spherical joint sequence with the actuated prismatic joint. There are four cables holding a payload in the model. And I want to simulate Inverse Kinematics of the payload plate. I have ke...
by khagesh_bhardwaj
18 Jan 2019, 11:43
Forum: General questions
Topic: How to make a flexible cable?
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Re: How to make a flexible cable?

Hello, I'm working on a project related to cables, though this wasn't much related to the work, I just downloaded the file to see what it's all about. I run the simulation, it worked but once when I changed the joint motion to torque/force mode, it stopped working. So I again changed the mode to Mot...