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by hajs
22 Jan 2021, 12:14
Forum: General questions
Topic: Robot IK mode problem
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Re: Robot IK mode problem

Hey ' I read your query. I was facing almost the same issue in my project. I thought there are possibly two issues: For making it follow your designed path, You should work on your scripts, extract angle positions from IK mode and put those angle positions in your programming code. Read vrep user ma...
by hajs
29 Jun 2020, 15:10
Forum: General questions
Topic: Manipulator not stopping accurately
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Manipulator not stopping accurately

Hello all, I am working on my final year project which requires the design of manipulator using shapes and joints. It is working in Ik mode and FD mode and picking and placing boxes. I have added a stop sensor to make it stop after picking and placing all the boxes. The issue is it sometimes places ...
by hajs
15 Jun 2020, 18:21
Forum: General questions
Topic: Energy Consumption of Joints
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Energy Consumption of Joints

Hey I am working on my project which is a 7-DOF Manipulator. it is performing pick and place task. I have calculated IK joint angles through csv file and then fed them to the dynamics and made it to perform the same task by following designed trajectory. My next task is to find the energy consumptio...
by hajs
15 Jun 2020, 17:21
Forum: General questions
Topic: Set internal friction of joints
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Re: Set internal friction of joints

Hi, I am simulating a tracked vehicle and modeled each track as five rollers. I need to calculate joints energy consumption of the whole system, I did this by the following two methods: 1. Set desired torque to joints by giving a very high desired velocity (999999) first, read joint velocity and ac...
by hajs
20 Mar 2020, 07:18
Forum: General questions
Topic: gripper not holding in dynamics mode
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gripper not holding in dynamics mode

Hello all I am working on my final project. I have designed my 7-DOF manipulator. In IK mode, it is working correct. it is picking the box and placing it on the table, following the path assigned. the angles i inserted in dynamics mode are the ones i extracted from joint position in IK mode. the pro...