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by mthsousa
16 Jun 2020, 03:52
Forum: Videos, scenes and models around CoppeliaSim
Topic: Tutorial: B0 remote API
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Tutorial: B0 remote API

I just want to share this amazing tutorial:

I strongly recommend it to beginners like me.

I hope you enjoy it!
by mthsousa
22 May 2020, 22:27
Forum: General questions
Topic: B0 Remote API V2 compile problem
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B0 Remote API V2 compile problem

Hello there, I'm trying to use the B0 remote API, and a lot of errors appeared in the compilation. I installed the libraries ZeroMQ v4.1+, and Boost v1.54+. I'm using the last versions of coppelia and the B0 repository according to the instructions on README. The errors are listed below. Who can I f...