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by mechatronics_eng
17 Jun 2020, 09:30
Forum: General questions
Topic: How to open a map.pgm in V-REP
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How to open a map.pgm in V-REP

Hello, I have a project in which a mobile robot can navigate from a point to another within a map. This project works perfectly in Rviz and Gazebo but now I want to see its motion also on V-REP. I already have the model of the robot opened in V-REP but I don't see the surrounding map. So how can I o...
by mechatronics_eng
21 May 2020, 09:52
Forum: General questions
Topic: Trajectory Following for a Manipulator
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Trajectory Following for a Manipulator

Hi everyone and sorry for my english. I have a robot manipulator correctly opened in RViz and VREP. I'm able to move the robot by publishing the position of the end effector on an apposit topic and see the motion of the whole manipulator in RViz. Meanwhile the trajectory of the robot is automaticall...