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by virally
12 Sep 2020, 19:34
Forum: General questions
Topic: construction digging?
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construction digging?

Hey all. Is there a way to do digging?

if u look closely I think they are doing a hack. at the point of impact they convert part of the mesh to particles. and deform mesh so it looks like it came out of there.

Any way to do it in Coppelia? or workarounds?

Thanks in advance
by virally
11 Sep 2020, 21:06
Forum: General questions
Topic: Wanted: Looking for interns
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Wanted: Looking for interns

we're open for one more intern. Advanced Robotics skills, V-REP/CoppeliaSim, ROS Project: Phase 1: virtual(simulated) Construction robot Phase 2: scaled down prototype Knowledge of Arduino & Raspberry Pi. C, Python
by virally
01 Aug 2020, 01:32
Forum: General questions
Topic: Construction models?
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Construction models?

I think I saw an excavator somewhere. What else is available and were to get it? Like basic construction machinery
by virally
01 Aug 2020, 01:29
Forum: General questions
Topic: Deformable Terrain in CoppeliaSim? (Vortex Engine)
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Re: Deformable Terrain in CoppeliaSim? (Vortex Engine)

is there a workaround? dynamically modify the mesh upon some event
by virally
31 Jul 2020, 18:47
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: VS Code extension?
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VS Code extension?

for scripts is there a VS Code extension with intellisense? Please provide the link. Thanks