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by formica
26 Mar 2013, 15:04
Forum: Videos, scenes and models around CoppeliaSim
Topic: IMU Graph Visualization using V-REP
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IMU Graph Visualization using V-REP

Dear all,
It's a pleasure to share with you the results of my experiments.

Here the video: ...

Here the code (with the scene file):


by formica
13 Mar 2013, 12:24
Forum: General questions
Topic: IMU Viz
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Hi all, I'm trying to pass some data from an external custom Inertial Measurement Unit to V-Rep, to visualize the graphs of the quantities coming out from the onboard sensors. I'm using the remote API (C language) and I think that the best way is to use IntegerSignal (simGet, simSet) and GraphUserDa...