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by Justus
24 Jan 2017, 10:41
Forum: General questions
Topic: Optimal hardware/OS for V-REP performance
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Optimal hardware/OS for V-REP performance

Hi, We are building a dedicated system (PC) for V-REP to maximize simulation performance. Is there information available on this subject? I.e.: CPU (Intel Xeon/i7? AMD?), OS (Linux/Windows?), memory (the simulation does not seem to use much), etc. In an ideal situation, we would run a V-REP instance...
by Justus
24 Jan 2017, 10:12
Forum: General questions
Topic: Impact force on collision
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Impact force on collision

Hi, We are simulating conveyor belts. Our goal is to control the conveyor so that there are only minimal/low-impact collisions between the objects on the conveyors. We can count the collisions but this says little on impact (objects collide with each other with different speeds). Question: Is there ...